Intuitive Tarot Sessions

What is an Intuitive Tarot Session?

A soul centered, self-reflective, deep dive, tarot coaching session...

The Tarot is a wonderful tool for diving deeply into the present moment, which is where all your power lives. We tend to spend most of our energy lamenting about the past, or fretting about a future that might never happen. This keeps us distracted from living our best life!

During an Intuitive Tarot Session we will extract all of the wisdom and beauty from the present moment so you become more empowered and to make clear choices that ultimately serve your highest and best destiny.


This is an hour long session using the tarot, intuitive guidance, and coaching. We will take a look at where you are now, and through interactive conversation glean guided wisdom to help YOU uncover what the obstacles are to you living more within the frame your life's purpose.


The future contains many, many possibilities. It is open ended. YOU are responsible for choosing and ultimately living out your best life. If I were to give you a future prediction, you then run the risk of being locked into that possibility only. My job is to guide you into how to use your intuition so you are empowered to live out your highest possible destiny, one with the greatest purpose you were born to live in this lifetime. You'll learn how to choose the future that YOU WANT to live.

I will not tell you your future or give specific information about lotto numbers, medical, or legal advice. This for those of you who are ready to rely on personal responsibility and take the reigns of their own life. Which is the only way that you're ever going to be fully ALIVE.

If you are ready to OWN YOUR TRUTH, this is for you.

Sessions are also a great way to learn to read tarot for yourself. No previous knowledge of tarot is needed. As we walk through your session you'll be learning take home tools to read the tarot and and amp up your own personal intuition.

If you are interested in going further and cementing your highest possible destiny into your Energy Field I also offer Destiny Retrieval that can be done within the framework of Shamanic Healing Sessions.

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