A 5-week group Shamanic Journey to reconnect with your power and purpose

If you're feeling anxious and uncertain right now you're certainly not alone.


Everything in the physical world seems to be changing so rapidly that it can be hard to know what to feel in any given moment. And following popular reality can only make it worse.


We are so used to having the freedom to move about the world as we please, but now someone outside of us is calling the shots and making the rules. Telling us what to do and limiting our physical explorations.


Thank goddess we have the interwebs! We can connect virtually through space and time, and from anywhere in the world.


And, through the Shamanic Journey we can travel to exotic places anytime we want!

The Power Amidst Uncertainty experience was created so we can connect in an intimate (virtual) setting and together we can explore new worlds while mastering the art of calling back your power and revealing your purpose through the Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval.

A Shamanic Journey is where you take a trip to another realm with your energy body.

You either travel into the Earth-also called the Lower World-or, The Upper World (think, Sky).


The Lower World is where lost pieces of your power are waiting to be discovered and reinstalled. 


The Upper World is where your destiny lives, you go there to activate and awaken your future best self and higher purpose into the NOW

If you're new here, Hello!

I'm Dawn, I am a Modern Shaman.


After 20+ years of doing hair full time I found myself drained of energy, power, and, confused about where I was going in life. It was chronic pain that set me on a search for relief and I began to lean into Energy Healing. 

After studying and working with many ancient healing technologies I found Shamanic Healing (or rather, it found me). My training experience felt like a deep remembering and profound awakening happening as I connected with the natural laws and principles of the natural world. I had rediscovered the source of all power and wisdom, and so can you. 

The lineage of Shamans that I have been initiated through, recognize this time we're now in as The Great Change. They call it Pachacuti (a turning over) into an extended period of peace on earth. This has been prophesied and is why they have been generously sharing their wisdom and healing technologies so we can all contribute by offering our strengths and unique gifts; ushering in the new golden age of peace and prosperity.

It is my great honor and privilege to bring these healing technologies, as I interpret them, to you during this auspicious time in our lives. And empower you to master and integrate the teachings so you may shine your personal magic on the world!

I have personally had chronic pain disappear in an afternoon, never to return. I've come upon deep reverence myself and my unique gifts, as well as helped countless numbers of women find peace, release pain, and find their greater purpose in their lives.

When you join us for  Power Amidst Uncertainty  you will receive:

+5-2hr Recorded Group Zoom Calls

(this is worth $750 on its own)

+Recorded Meditations and Journeys

+A Comprehensive "Play"book

+Private Facebook Group for community and support

(first 3 are all downloadable so you can keep forever)



$50 off a 1:1 session with me  -or-  $100 of a bundle of 3 sessions


Pay in Full gets you:

1-1 hour FREE Energy Upgrade Session with me




Here's How We'll Play, You Will...

+Learn the Medicine Wheel from my unique perspective (this is the Shaman’s technology for healing)

+Learn to master sacred space and transform time (hint: you’re already in it)

+Master techniques to clear heavy energy that drain your power and keep you playing small

+Practice the Art of Shamanic Journeying, and my soul integration process

+Deepen your own practice and wisdom by hearing others experiences

+Learn the Connection Process that will keep you aligned and protected

+Call in and anchor your Highest Destiny


PAU Schedule and curriculum

Call One-Opening Ceremony, the Shaman's Map for healing,

Sacred Space, and the Lower World

Call Two-Energy Clearing, Cord Release, The Importance of

Energy Source, and Breathwork

Call Three-Soul Retrieval and the Integration Process

Call Four-The Upper World and Destiny Retrieval  

Call Five-Closing Ceremony


Program runs between April 20th-May 18th

Calls will be every Monday 7-9pm EDT


This program is perfect for you if you are...

 >Ready to stand fully in your power and be clear about what you have to offer the world

>Ready to release toxic, heavy energy from your field and finally find peace

>Ready to call back soul parts that have waited for decades to be recognized and reintegrated

>Interested Learning Shamanic  Energy Medicine from my unique perspective

>Ready to create your future and live it out NOW

This program is not a fit for you if you are...

>not ready to explore alternative perspectives

>Anchored in 'the good ole' days (including ancient practices)

>not willing to take full responsibility for your life

>unwilling to learn to set boundaries

>unwilling to show up for yourself



the information and experience of this course is worth over $1500

Payment Plans start at $122

this could change everything...

All sales are final and no refunds will be granted. 

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Have more Q's?

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Q's & A's....

Q: When does the Power Amidst Uncertainty Program Start?

A: April 20th, 2020 is our first call. Then there is a call every week at 7pm EDT until May 18th, 2020

Q: How long will I have access to the program material?

A: All videos and workbooks/documents are downloadable and can be kept forever

Q: What if I can't make it to all of the calls?

A: All videos and workbooks/documents are downloadable and can be kept forever

Q: What if I don't know anything about shamanism?

A: While it would be optimal that you have some sense of spiritual connection, it is not necessary to already understand shamanism.

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