Shamanic Ceremony

The Healing Power of Ceremony

Ceremony is about marking transitions. From graduations, marriages, awards, blessings, and initiations of all kinds, ceremony is highly valuable across cultures.

Shamans are ceremonialists by nature, as they understand how the act of performing sacred rituals has a powerful influence on the deepest levels of our being. Just like the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, a ceremony can be worth a thousand hours of psychological or physical work.

Ceremony is a way to take things out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It's a way of moving things beyond the place of the mind into the hands of the divine. It involves opening a place between the visible and the invisible worlds where magic and miracles happen. It is through rites and ceremony that shamans shift the world.

Traditionally shamans are the equivalent of priests and priestesses in the tribal communities. As such they officiate over the various ceremonies in their tribe from birth to death. From rites of passage to weddings. As a shamanic practitioner I am available to perform rites of passage, despacho ceremonies, and death rites, etc. I can design your ceremony to suit your wants, needs, and desires.

I am available for:

*fire ceremonies

*home + office clearings

*rites of passage and initiation, e.g. Rite of the Womb

                                                  Death Rites

*despacho ceremonies (for blessing), 

                                            e.g. weddings


                                                  land/house blessing


                                                  rites of passage 

Shamanic ceremony helps to intensify and deepen the experience of the rite of passage. A key experience that is missing in most western celebrations today.

Types of Shamanic Ceremony

Fire Ceremony

A fire ceremony takes place around a fire ring and within sacred space. Each participant chooses some aspect of themselves that they are through with embodying like, envy, being a victim, or possessiveness for example. This attribute is then blown into a stick (called a death arrow) and now represents the death of an old part of yourself.  Then with intention and ritual action, thrown into the fire to burn up, transform, and transmute into new, more useful healing actions and ways of being in the world.

This ceremony is traditionally done on every full and new moon but can be done anytime. It is great way to clear your way for transitions and new beginnings such as birthdays, anniversaries, even following a breakup. It's an excellent way of marking the graduation to another level of spiritual evolution.

Despacho Ceremony

During a Despacho ceremony we actively create a kind of mandala in which we intentionally place elements representing abundance and beauty such as, grains, beans, flowers, candies, and/or chocolate within a sacred container. Once the container is pregnant with the seeds of our becoming, we wrap it up and offer it to Mother Earth by burying or burning it (depending on the intensity of transformation you are seeking).

The intentions behind a Despacho ceremony can be anything that's blessing new beginnings such as birthdays, showers, weddings, births, etc. Anything that needs blessing.

What matters most is the power of the intention, so that the energy of creation itself can start to arrange on our behalf.

Home + Work Space Clearing

If you feel that your living or work environment is not supporting your health or your goals, or you feel blocked and not nourished in these spaces, it is likely that your environment is calling for an energetic tune-up. Space clearings can remove heavy, stagnated energies. They are performed in a ceremonial and ritualistic way using elements the earth offers so abundantly such as flowers, water, herbs, and salt.

You will notice the immediate benefits of the energetic shift and re-harmonization of your space; bringing you, your family, or coworkers clarity and new perspective. When we attune our environment our relationships and other aspects of our lives are realigned in right relationship with life and our higher purpose. 

Rite of the Womb

The womb space is a powerful agent for creation and to give birth to life. It is directly connected to the energetic matrix of creation itself. Like a purse or pouch for holding energy and spiritual intention. For far too long we have been using our womb spaces to store fear and pain. 

The rite of the womb ceremony is an energetic clearing of fear, pain, trauma, and shame. Through shamanic journeying we prepare to receive the rite by welcoming spirit to help us release any unwanted energies we've been holding in that space. Then, as our womb spaces are now free from heavy, unwanted energies we receive the rite one by one sharing it with each other. Welcoming the seeds of empowerment to be planted and learning to nurture them to grow and flourish.

This is a beautiful and intimate ceremony for clearing trauma, welcoming power, and celebrating femininity. 

Death Rites

End–of–life rituals help a person experience not only a peaceful death, but a sacred death, bringing reconciliation and acceptance to the loved ones as well as to the person dying. Rituals help to heal the pain of letting go while at the same time connecting us with something much greater than earthly concerns.

Rituals, however, are not meant to take the place of medical or hospice care. Their practice assumes that the physical needs of the dying person are well attended to and that pain management is under control.

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